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Deep Dive Series - The other basic SE skills

For the last few months, we have held what we call a Deep Dive most Thursday evenings. With "Deep Dive" we mean an approximately 60 min presentation and discussion on a fairly narrow technical subject, that often includes a short coding session as well.

We hold these sessions in the Vector Monkeys Coding Dojo Discord server, they are free of charge and open to anyone.

In the currently running series of topics, we have been looking closely at some of the answers to a Quora question labeled "What are the basics you want all your software developers to know?".

I'm especially fond of the answer by Martin Thoma, who lists 11 points of background knowledge and skills that are most useful to a Software Engineer, no matter what tech stack, framework and programming language they are working with.

In general, I have been using the format of covering one point per week, though I have split up some of the points into multiple Deep Dives.

We are currently getting close to the end of this block, with only a few points still left undiscussed.

If you are interested in joining us on the next Deep Dive, just say "Hi" via Discord Link next Thursday, 20:15 CET.