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Distant Stars - A scifi coding problem story

The story

The year is 2722. Humanity has finally reached the stars and settled on foreign planets.

Sadly, it brought JavaScript with it.

You were on a mission to scout out the Simia Prime system when your ship was caught in a solar flare, causing your main computer to glitch out and keeping your ship drifting dead in space.

A quick check shows that most of your ships core programming is still good, but several functions across different systems have been erased. You tried to load the backup, but that failed too.

The only way to get out of this situation is to rewrite the missing functions one by one, get all critical systems online, make sure that your deflector shield is updated to handle the next solar flare and figure out what caused the flare in the first place.

How to proceed

This is a repository of narrated coding problem in JavaScript, targeted at beginning software engineers. It is intended to be accompanied by the story, instructions and guidance you will find on the following pages:


Bridge Control

Life Support

Main Reactor